Roman Abramovic Sets Ultimate Prize For Chelsea Stars

The Russian is believed to personally reward his players should they complete a double this season

Chelsea may have just been fired up after the club owner, Roman Abramovic promised to gift a lump sum should they complete a double.

The Blues managed 2-0 victory to advance past the former UCL Champions, Real Madrid into the final stage.

Goals from Mason Mount and Timo Werner helped secure this as they marked a clean sheet game while Tuchel continued his impressive form of not losing a game against Zidane.

Roman Abramovic Sets Ultimate Prize For Chelsea Stars 1

The Blues will face Manchester City for the finals of the competition on 29th May after battling Leicester City for the FA Cup final on the 15th.

According to Daily Mail, the boys will share from a pot of £11m should they manage to win both trophies.

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As this isn’t actually an unachievable task considering that they have once beaten both sides.

Chelsea were responsible for knocking off Man City in the FA Cup and could repeat the same in the UCL final.

A victory in either finals also means Tuchel is more assured of a long term future at the club if actually he isn’t yet.

Chelsea will battle Manchester City on Saturday for the Premier League with City hopeful to lift the trophy while Chelsea chase a top four finish.

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