Roman Abramovich Breaks Silence For The First Time After Poisoning

The Russian Billionaire managed to survive a poison attack as he is currently in Turkey recovering

Roman Abramovich risked losing his life after been attacked with a poison alongside three other delegates from Ukraine during the peace-talk mission back on March 3.

Although this news stayed hidden while the men witnessed changes in their body system including skins pilling, due to certain issues it was then made public today.

The Chelsea owner who was the main target managed to survive the attack as he was rushed to a hospital in Turkey where he is now currently receiving treatments.

Roman Abramovich Breaks Silence For The First Time After Been Poisoning 1

According to a spokesperson close to the Russian, the poison didn’t start acting immediately as it took days to react, meaning it’s a very high grade weapon.

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“I am grateful to the maker that am still alive, the feeling was so strong and the effect very fast when it finally started,” Abramovich said.

“I didn’t even know something was inside of me until it started noticing the symptoms, was like the movies (laughs).

“I am happy there are professional doctors who can do their job with speed and they helped do the right things that were required.

“I don’t know if I can say anyone did this to me in particular cause I don’t even know who wouldn’t want peace between Ukraine and Russia.

Roman Abramovich Breaks Silence For The First Time After Poisoning

“Everyone wants peace and that’s what am fighting for, no one can deny that. I know it will be tough but people don’t have to die.

“There are suspects who are already been questioned from the ones that served us the drinks to the ones in the kitchen, everyone is been investigated.

“Currently am recovering very well and I thank the Doctors for doing their job.