Romelu Lukaku Ignites Exit Expectations As He Removes Chelsea From His Instagram Bio

The former Inter Milan attacker is linked to a move back to Serie A after a first failed season at Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku is been linked to a strong move away from Chelsea and he has confirmed this as he just removed ‘Chelsea’ from his Instagram bio.

The club’s record signing failed to meet expectations at Stamford Bridge as he only managed to produce 15 goals across 44 games in all appearances for Chelsea.

Having struggled to suit into Thomas Tuchel‘s squad, it’s rumored that an exit is been considered by Lukaku and his agent.

Romelu Lukaku looking sad in a Champions League Match against Juventus.

The Belgian shined more in Inter Milan where he managed to make it top of the list as one of the best strikers in Europe.

Struggling in Chelsea has only turned many against him as they now label him flop despite his past records.

Prior this moment, Somtosport had always held the ground that Lukaku would hardly leave considering the big amount Chelsea paid to secure his return .

Also it’s just one season and it’s normal for players to struggle in their first season, just like Eden Hazard did. Lukaku needs time to sink into Tuchel’s system.

BUT with the recent move made by the former Everton star, it’s to be interpreted into him probably fueling an exit from the club.

Just hours back, Somtosport cited Lukaku has removed ‘Chelsea’ from his Instagram bio for a reason we are yet to learn of.

Screenshot of Romelu Lukaku Instagram page by Somtosport

Lukaku is either yet to make any statement on the reason he removed it but the most understandable reason would be he has agreed to leave.

It’s not actually the first time the player is in a mix since returning, he has once voiced his hardship in sinking into Tuchel’s system and praised Inter Milan fans above Chelsea’s.

Probably things are going to materialize for his exit now.

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