Romelu Lukaku Representative Set To Meet Club Today Amid Chelsea Exit Plan

Lukaku is keen on a Chelsea departure after struggling to impress this season

Romelu Lukaku returning to Chelsea didn’t go as planned after the first season with the Belgian finding it hard to settle into Thomas Tuchel’s tactics.

The former Inter Milan man is now desiring a return to his former club and doesn’t wish to come back to Chelsea again as he views the issue on ground can’t be fixed.

It’s known that Lukaku doesn’t have a very smooth relationship with Tuchel as he even said it in an interview himself.

Even on the pitch, Lukaku doesn’t seem to be the type of player Tuchel can settle with, as the 29-year-old has failed to impress the German.

Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukaku (Getty images)

Lukaku is more of a striker that can drop deep and help foster attacks which requires him to have another striker to link up with.

Tuchel’s 3-4-3 formation doesn’t warrant this as it works best with a finisher striker who is there to always finish off the works by his teammates.

A work Tammy Abraham could have done best but Tuchel made a quick judgement on the English man to send him away to AS Roma.

Lukaku is desiring an exit now after struggling to be fruitful on his first spell since returning and a move to Inter Milan seems more fruitful.

He has also replaced his agent with a lawyer who will meet Inter Milan tomorrow to discuss his transfer back to the club.

Inter can’t actually pay everything Chelsea would ask at the moment if they are to sell Lukaku but are hoping they can convince for a loan move.

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