Sadio Mane Picks Strange Jersey Number After Sane Failed To Give Up Bayern Munich Number 10

Sadio Mane clearly made a random pick as he chose the number 17 ahead of the new season

This comes contrary to the expectations that the former Liverpool Man could wear the number 9 or 7 following uncertainties surrounding both Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnarbry.

Also despite claims from Leroy Sane’s Dad that his son is ready to give up the number 10 jersey for Mane, the Senegalese has shockingly been unveiled to be wearing the number 17 by next season.

Bayern Munich doesn’t have an iconic name to the jersey number 17 as Mane missed out on the number 10 that has been worn by greats including Arjen Robben.

See the official post from Bayern Munich confirming Mane’s jersey number.

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