Sarri Ball Destroys Guardiola’s Tactics

lui somtosports
lui somtosports

Yesterday was all about the collision of two tactical teams and at the end, with fair play, the team that worked harder had the three points. Sarri ball did actually end Guardiola’s unbeaten campaign.

The game started in favour of Guardiola’s men considering the fact that the blues went into the game with some kind of fear that their opponent are still unbeaten.

It was barely 32 minutes when Leroy Sane always smuggled the ball into the net, but Chelsea’s back
man and Captain Azpilicueta reacted very well in covering the spaces Sane had, also Kepa² did a very good work back there though.

40 minutes later the ball was still under Manchester City’s control and scores were still goal-less. The ball possession was 70-30 in favour of Guardiola’s men.

With just 75% accuracy of the 129 passes completed by the Blues compared to City’s 252 passes with 89% accuracy, Guardiola was at the top of the game both technically, mentally and emotionally.


All signs were pointing to Guardiola recording a three point considering the fact that The Blues were not psychologically balanced in the game. Except for the score which was still nil, every figure was against the home team.

Closer to the end of the first half, at 45th minutes, Chelsea’s back man, David Luiz got hold of the ball and sighted Pedro on the run along the right flank. Luiz sent the ball over to Pedro who pushed it closer to the 18 yard box via Alonso. The ball smuggled it’s way to Hazard’s leg.


Hazard took just a little while to find a space in the 18 yard box which he did immediately extended the ball to Kante who came from outside the 18 to fire the ball into Manchester’s goal post.

A loud noise aroused from the fans stand and at this moment the blues were gradually gaining hold of the game.

Kante’s goal gave the boys somekind of Confidence that let them relax and play the Sarri Ball.

The first half ended in a 1-0 score line in favor of the Blues and 15 minutes later the second half began. This time around, I believe Sarri must have told them something that brought their spirit back to life and also looking at the score board, the boys were now wiling and ready to play without fear.

The ball possession gradually fell to Chelsea’s favor as they are now 60% in control of the game. Sarri’s tactical wisdom could be told in the game from the view that Guardiola’s weapon was nailed.

with all eyes on Sterling to do what he is used to doing, Sarri made sure that Marcos Alonso was always on the English man’s body, thereby giving him no space to act.

The time is now 70 minutes and Manchester city has around 8 coners recorded to their name while Chelsea has 0. By this time Sarri has pulled Kovacic and installed Ross Barkley, giving the game another shape. Guardiola also had already subbed David Silva, who had an injury and couldn’t continue. This gave Gabriel Jesus a chance to come in to savce the team.

With all works been put in, at the 75th minutes, Hazard once more was in hold of the ball close to the 18 yard box and he found David Luiz’s head. The ball was netted in by David Luiz, making 2-0.

At this point the boys knew that they have finally sealed the game, all they now need was to calm and hold onto their 3 points.

Although, Chelsea Keeper, Kepa ( I choose to call him Kepa¬≤) made a little mistake which gave Manchester City a chance to equalize, but Kepa reacted positively to Gabriel Jesus’ shot and maintained their clean sheet.


Just few minutes later, the match ended. Manchester City left Stamford Bridge with no point, causing them to step down from the top of the league and giving Liverpool who won Bournemouth in a 4-0 score, to lead the table.

I think Liverpool is gonna stay there for quite a long time, considering the fact that they have been waiting for an opportunity like this.

The boys are now back to their homes, Sarri’s men rejoicing and Guardiola’s men planning on how to recoup their points.

Manchester City return to training ahead of their Wednesday match againt their Champions league opponent, Hoffenheim.

Probably this might be the begining of City’s Premier League doom or not, what do you think, below is the comment box.

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