See 10-year-old Beer Advertisement Video Tuchel Used To Inspire Chelsea To Be Fearless

Chelsea players were left confused when they saw a beer advertisment video as they gathered with thoughts of watching a tactical video

Chelsea rising to major success in the current season is one of the noticable events to happen in the current year.

The Blues managed to grow from a shaky side to ‘a team no one wants to battle’ just as their new manager promised when he took over from Frank Lampard.

Thomas Tuchel has done an impressive job after inheriting the club halfway while they were still 10th placed with a task in the UCL to overcome La Liga leaders, Atletico Madrid in UCL’s round of 16.

See 10-year-old Beer Advertisement Video Tuchel Used To Inspire Chelsea To Be Fearless 1

The manager led Chelsea into the top four zone and trashed out Atletico Madrid, FC Porto and Real Madrid to make it to the Champions League final where he will be facing Manchester City.

City aren’t a new side to him as he has already cracked Pep Guardiola’s men when he knocked them off the FA Cup race to advance into the final where they will be facing Leicester City on 15th May 2021.

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It may although shock one to learn that all these successes is a part influence of a weird ad video Tuchel showed to his boys several weeks back.

While the boys gathered with expectation to be shown a tactical movie relating to football, Tuchel surprised them with a beer advertisement video shot 10-years ago.

The video which is a Calsberg ad featuring famous bike riders, Hell’s Angels portrayed a cinema filled with the tattooed bike riders all looking scary at anyone who stepped into the cinema.

With only two seats left, most persons immediately turn away and leave the cinema after noticing the looks but whoever stepped in and took the seats without fear was cheered and handed the Calsberg beer for being brave.

This video was used by Tuchel to inspire his squad towards being a brave side and fearless of opponents.

Indeed the video payed off as Chelsea have now become a bitter side for teams they have faced so far.

Below is the video of the ad.

Chelsea may have also been boosted after the club owner promised them a prize should they complete th double (winning the UCL and FA Cup).

The side will lock horns with Manchester City on Saturday as fight for top 4 intensify while City hope to lift Premier League trophy.

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