Tammy Abraham and Ross Barkley deliver as Chelsea beats Barcelona 2-1 on friendlies

tammy abraham delivers as chelsea takes the lead against barcelona
tammy abraham delivers as chelsea takes the lead against barcelona

Barcelona takes on Chelsea at the Saitama Stadium in Japan after the both sides had little clash on Twitter.

The match started out with Barcelona dominating the possession as usually but Chelsea managed to maintain their stand.

Guess this is really more than a Friendly match as both sides have bad histories together.

Tammy Abraham miss deprived The Blues of taking the lead at the 28th minute when he failed to drive in Pulisic’s shot that was knocked out by the keeper.

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Another attempt came from Pulisic himself but he missed the shot direct the ball accordingly into their opponents’ post.

Barcelona also tried to work out the ball into the 18 yard box as usual but David Luiz was always there to spoil the shows.

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Griezmann seems to be really cool with Ousmane Dembele as the pair really worked closely while pushing the attack.

Lampard really got an eye on his new kid who is doing just great, Mason Mount likewise Christian Pulisic who seems to have stolen the show in the first half.

But just at the 34th minute, Tammy Abraham gave back what he had lost, a 1-0 lead as he successfully converts Jorginho’s pass.

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Sergio Busquets was caught napping by Jorginho and the ball falls to Abraham in the box, as he shuffles the ball around ter Stegen and then the ball rolls into the goal post.

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Pulisic still heightened the fans happiness as he took full charge of the sideline, racing away down the left flank then tried his luck from a very tight angle but it smashed the side netting.

Griezmann tried his luck closer to the stoppage time but his shot flied wide past the post.

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Chelsea quickly got the ball and headed for a counter attack which was spoilt by Tammy Abraham’s quick run past the offside line.

The first half was then called to an end by the referee with the Blues taking the lead at the Saitama Stadium.

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The match resumed pretty well for The Blues as they held onto their lead but Ross Barkley saw an opportunity and drove the ball sharply into the post corner and extended their lead to 2-0

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Rakitic managed to get one goal back for his side as he came from the bench to score the last goal of the game in the 91st minute, ending the game in 2-1 defeat to the Blues.

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