Thomas Tuchel Discloses Chelsea’s Goal For The 2021/2022 Season

The German has revealed his side are only set out for greater heights in the coming season.

Tuchel has shared that Chelsea will be a tougher side come next season as their winning mentality hasn’t seen any change.

The former PSG manager took out a chunk of his busy schedule to spend with the fans in an online Q&A.

Of which one of the questions thrown at him was what the goal is for Chelsea in 2021/2022 season.

Thomas Tuchel Discloses Chelsea's Goal For The 2021/2022 Season 1

Blues saw a prosperous run last season just months after the arrival of the 47-year-old, handing them the UEFA Champions League and a top four finish.

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In response to the question, Tuchel shared that the mentality for his boys will remain same; win, win and win.

“Well we want to win, we want to compete and of course we want to be successful,” Tuchel said to one Olubumi R. via the 5th Stand App.

“This is in Chelsea’s nature and of course we are up for the challenge. We will try to compete for every title in every competition we enter but I also think it will be a huge step forward if we can maintain the same quality, attitude and effort that we showed last season.

It will be more difficult this season because we are the Champions League winners and teams will want to beat us.

Thomas Tuchel Discloses Chelsea's Goal For The 2021/2022 Season 2

“It will be demanding but we are up for the challenge and the goals will come by taking care of the process.”

Chelsea will be adding Romelu Lukaku to their list of attackers after concluding a €115m deal for the Belgian today.

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