Thomas Tuchel Relates Kai Havertz And Timo Werner To De Bruyne Departure

Kevin De Bruyne leaving Stamford Bridge has been one of the most regretted move as Tuchel insists Havertz and Werner don’t have to go same route amid their hard start

Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel has insisted Bruyne leaving to Manchester City for an £18m fee may have been something better.

Unlike others who believes the current City assistant captain could have been a huge plus to the Chelsea squad, Tuchel stated it was better he left as no one knew what would have happened with his career.

The Belgian would lift his 3rd EPL trophy should City triumph over Chelsea today with the both sides set to still meet for the finals of the UEFA Champions league.

Speaking on Bruyne’s hard time at Chelsea and why Havertz and Timo don’t have to leave same way, Tuchel said;

“I don’t know; I wasn’t there. I can just say that you can get caught up in the thoughts that it was a big mistake to let him go, but you never know.

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“You don’t know what would have happened if he would not have changed the club back to Germany from Chelsea and then back to England after that,” Tuchel told reporters.

“Maybe he needed it at the time. A different league, a different challenge to be at his best level that he has maybe ever reached to be so influential at City and even be the captain for an amazing and such a successful team.

“You don’t know; maybe it was for the best for him. Maybe he would have done the same route had he stayed and forced his way in here.

“It is hard to tell, hard to tell but what I can tell you is that this league here, because you draw a comparison to Timo and Kai’s situation, the league here makes you either do it or don’t do it.

“This league is the best here to challenge every player and coach at the highest level in football. You have two possibilities, you step up or you don’t. If you don’t, you don’t make it in this league and that’s why I am very happy that Timo and Kai both stepped out of their comfort zone and took this adventure, this huge challenge, come to England, go abroad in the hardest league and go to a club with a real winning mentality.

“A tough club that’s not about second or third place; this is about winning. This is bravery and it is the right step for them to bring out their very best. This is very good because it is the league and challenge that demands it and sharpens their character.

Thomas Tuchel Relates Kai Havertz And Timo Werner To De Bruyne Departure 2

“It’s their mentality and this is what we can see. They are still on their way, we will boost them and this is always a process. For some, it is faster and for others, it is slower, but as long as they are all Chelsea’s players, they get our full support.”

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