Thomas Tuchel Sends Message To Abramovic Ahead Of Official Meeting

The German coach has undoubtedly become Abramovic’s favorite

Chelsea lifted their second UCL trophy and thanks to a tactical genius in Thomas Tuchel who accomplished such milestone despite picking up the project halfway.

Tuchel led Chelsea to major successes in the just concluded run, beating popular names as Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid to reach the finals.

But not just did they bottle the finals in a unique manner, it also marked the third time Tuchel defeated the Premier League Champions.

Thomas Tuchel Sends Message To Abramovic Ahead Of Official Meeting 1

Man City being crowned Premier League winners and suffering three defeats in a row to one manager clearly tells of how strong Chelsea will be as title contenders next season.

Earlier on the German had met with Tuchel after the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovic as he then promised to fight for more achievement next season.

But a meeting had also been scheduled today between both men and ahead of the link up, Tuchel sent words to heighten the hopes of the Russian Billionaires who just saw Chelsea bag their second UCL trophy under his ownership term.

“We will speak tomorrow I can assure him [Roman] that I’ll stay hungry,” the former PSG boss said.

“I want the next title, I feel absolutely happy as a part of a really ambitious club & strong group, that suits my beliefs & passion about football in the moment perfectly.

“So my desire is to go for more victories, to grow as a coach and to push the group on the first day of the next season to the limit.

“We have work to do to close the gap, and this is what I’m all about. And so it will be nice to meet him a bit closer.”

Thomas Tuchel Sends Message To Abramovic Ahead Of Official Meeting 2

Chelsea are looking at several names in the transfer market and it’s now known the Blues will put heads together with Tuchel during their scouting process this summer.

But that would all start after Tuchel officially pens his extension contract which is would run till 2024.

Lukaku has remained the name mostly said of when their transfer talks arise after seeing Conte leave Inter Milan, a return is now more likely for the Belgian.