Thomas Tuchel Sets New Chelsea Target After UCL Victory

The German appears more concerned on the next things to come than celebrating their past glories

Chelsea winning Manchester City to be crowned Europe Champions didn’t change a thing in Tuchel’s mental state for the club as he has revealed he is more concerned with the future.

Tuchel beat Pep Guardiola for the third team since his arrival as he sealed their hopes for the UCL trophy after securing a spot for the next campaign days before the final.

Just after the game, Tuchel told the club’s website of his new targets for the club ahead of the new season to come.

Thomas Tuchel Sets New Chelsea Target After UCL Victory 1

‘It’s about the next one,’ the former Dortmund manager said.

‘I experienced it in on a lower level when I won my first title in professional football and it was even a nice feeling that it did not do too much to me.

‘When we won the cup with Dortmund, I did not arrive in the next training with less hunger, with less desire or with less ambition.

‘Of course now is the time to celebrate for some days and to enjoy it and let it sink in.

‘This is the time now for one or two weeks to talk about it and reflect on it. But then surprisingly it does not do a lot to you, and I think that’s good because nobody wants to rest.

Thomas Tuchel Sets New Chelsea Target After UCL Victory 2

‘I don’t want to rest. I want the next one. I want the next success and I want the next title and I want the next process on the same level of quality of consistency.

‘I want to be a part of it and this is what comes next. Make no mistake about it.’

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