Thomas Tuchel Tells Chelsea Key Point To Trash Real Madrid

Tuchel believes his boys can advance past the former UCL champions as both sides go head to head on Wednesday night

Chelsea are somewhat on a safer side as they set to take on Spanish giants Real Madrid.

The Blues managed to hold the Spaniards to a draw when they travelled to Spain last week.

The 1-1 draw hands Chelsea a bigger advantage as a goalless draw would have them advance into the next round of the Uefa champions league

Thomas Tuchel Tells Chelsea Key Point To Trash Real Madrid 1

For Thomas Tuchel he believes overcoming Real Madrid isn’t an impossible task as he has never lost against the side.

Speaking in a press conference today, Tuchel revealed Chelsea only need to believe in their ability.

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The German believes aside this Chelsea may find it difficult to triumph over their tomorrow opponents.

“We feel it, they did it during the first leg,” Tuchel said. “We felt we can be stronger, no we have rested players, three days rest, the challenge is to keep the intensity going through the whole match.

“It is a semi final, the pressure is on, a knockout game, so to arrive with a level of belief and confidence is necessary, or we will have no chance.”

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