Thomas Tuchel Wife, Sissi Breaks Silence On Break-Up Reason

Tuchel just had another super dilemma added to his shock list in the midst of the ongoing Chelsea saga

It’s not vivid why Chelsea lost woefully to Brentford on Saturday after a 4-1 rundown on the Blues at Stamford Bridge.

Despite claiming a superb lead in the second half, Chelsea’s joy lasted for a very short time as the visitors responded in style.

Banking on the opportunity available, Frank’s men fired on to net yet another and another before Wissa who was just subbed on made it 4 with his second touch of the ball.

Thomas Tuchel Wife, Sissi Breaks Silence On Break-Up Reason 1

Just at the sound of the full time whistle, it was already making round the media that Tuchel would be parting ways with his wife.

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Sissi who has been married to Tuchel for many years now and had daughters together is said eager to exit the marriage after many attempts have been made to keep the duo together.

Having been credited in the past as a key player in Tuchel’s success as a manager back in PSG, Sissi is known to be a major part of the German’s life.

Although it’s yet to be disclosed what actually led to the 46-year-old asking to leave a union she has been in since 2009 but she has managed to voice to reporters on issue.

Thomas Tuchel Wife, Sissi Breaks Silence On Break-Up Reason 2

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the former Journalist said; “Some decisions just have to be made although it’s a very hard one but in certain cases it’s the best thing to do.

“All that matters to me now is raising my kids in a healthy condition. I don’t want this issue to affect them in any way because I want the best for them.

“He still remains their Father because that can not b changed by anyone, not even me if I want to but I don’t desire to do so because there is no reason to do it.

“We both know it hasn’t been easy and this is the best option. He approves of it too so it’s not just me being a bad person.

“We tried to make this kind of occurrence go away but it’s sad that it’s happening now but it’s the best thing now and we already accept it.

Thomas Tuchel Wife, Sissi Breaks Silence On Break-Up Reason 3

“He won’t say anything to the media because that is the type of person he is, very secretive and I respect that part of him but sometimes we just have to speak.

“I love my kids and that’s all that matters to me now. I want the best for them and I will surely get it.”