Todd Boehly Fulfills First Promise As Chelsea Seal New Shirt Sponsorship Deal

Chelsea have reached a £20m per year sponsorship deal with WhaleFin, a cryptocurrency group

The Blues will be replacing many things under the new administration, including their shirt sponsorship deals

Following his arrival, Todd Boehly although yet to be fully Chelsea owner, disclosed his plans to make significant changes that will impact the club positively.

One of which means ending sponsorship deal with Three UK, a telecommunications company that halted their dealings with the West Londoners after learning of the sanctions on the club.

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Chelsea could have turned to wearing shirts with the Cobham imprint on them but due to their unavailablity of funds, they had to continue using already produced shirts.

The American Business man who has succeeded in reaching agreements to own Chelsea, was pissed by this very act from Three UK.

He made it clear that they would be replaced with a better shirt sponsorship deal that will bring even more profit to the club.

In reaction to this promise, Todd Boehly is already working out things as Chelsea first seals a shirt-sleeve sponsorship deal that replaces Hyundai.

Hyundai being an auto-mobile company pays Chelsea £10m per year they spend on the arms of the Blues shirt.

But the new sponsors, WhaleFin will pay double of this amount, £20m per year.

WhaleFin is a cryptocurrency group that is valued above $3B that boasts of creating over $500m digital wealth for it’s users.

It’s an Amber Group product what rewards users for doing almost everything with them, such as purchasing, storing and trading with their platform.

In addition, written on their website is a text which reads, “WhaleFin will let you maintain flexibility in spending and financial planning while letting you earn on our competitive interest rates.”

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Expected in next few days is the new sponsorship deal which will replace Three UK as the WhaleFin deal is a sleeve deal and not the front-body deal, just like Three UK.