Todd Boehly Promises Chelsea Manager Tuchel Big Star’s Signing As Take-Over Announcement

The American is close to been named the new owner of the West London based club as he sets to land significant name as announcement of his entry

Chelsea are patiently waiting to learn officially of their new owner but all fingers are already pointing to Todd Boehly who has gone ahead to prepare for life with the European Champions.

Roman Abramovich is comfortable with Todd Boehly as his successor and that has given the American a very big edge over the other bidders.

In addition to this, Boehly was announced as the chosen bidder and has moved forward to finalizing the takeover plans with both Premier League and every necessary bodies.

Prior an official announcement, Boehly has shared that he would be landing some big names in order to announce his arrival.

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The summer transfer window is just by the corner and it’s actually what he will be faced with immediately after his takeover following the Premier League and other leagues nearing it’s season end.

Boehly has been known as a major investor in the other club he has a share in; LA Dodgers.

Although one thing clear about Boehly is that he is in for the profit as well, unlike Roman Abramovich who invested hugely into the club without any returns.

He even left the club with the debt they owe to him which he wrote-off following his sanctions announcement.

“You always have to keep remembering the fans are the centre. The second you ever veer, just go back to: “Think about the fans”,” Boehly said in an interview.

“It’s clear that the fans like big signings and to winnings, we can make that happen. We will make big signings after everything is completed.

“It’s a perfect way to announce new ownership and we want to make it very big. It’s a big club and we want to make sure things don’t change for bad but rather for better.

“I live with a simple mantra. If I said I was going to do it, I’d get it done. And when you have a reputation for being able to get stuff done, it’s amazing what more stuff ends up, piling up in your inbox.”

It’s yet to be learned the player Boehly would be signing for Chelsea but it’s now expected to be a very big name.

Kylian Mbappe is one of the biggest in the transfer market but Real Madrid is strongly chasing after him and PSG are fighting tooth and nail to make sure he stays.

But should Boehly want any major transfer signing then Mbappe is the right name to break the news with.

All will be left for Thomas Tuchel to decide as he would be getting his first transfer budget to spend after arriving Blues months ago.