Tottenham Assures Fans of Six Points.

tottenham promises to 6 points to fans somtosports
tottenham promises to 6 points to fans somtosports

Tottenham assures fans of six points addiction in their already accumulated points. Promises to win their next two fixtures in the Premier league.

Tottenham has recently taken to the media to assure fans of the next six points as they as a means of replacing the lost three points.

Spurs shared the information on their twitter page saying; “Six @premierleague points up for grabs this week



Spurs not minding the cluster nature of the week’s fixture went on to make public their self trust.

Looking at the situation of things down at St. Mary’s Stadium, Tottenham might be right that they will be lashing out three points from The Saints.

southampton-somtosportsSouthampton is having a bad season as they have only one a game since the start of 2018/2019 Premier League season.

The Saints not only have won just one game, but as well comfortably sits at the relegation zone, having lost 7 games and drawn 6, with 9 points to show for it.

The game should definitely be a walk over for Spurs as they would be putting in all dedications and works to make sure that they recoup the points lost Emirates Stadium.

On the other hand, Leicester might not be as easy as Southampton seems.

Following the death of Leicester City Owner, the players are motivated now to produce results.leicester city-somtosports

Having won Watford in their last match, The Foxes are really getting back on track and coughing out 3 points from Tottenham’s match will definitely boost their stand on the league table, with Everton and Manchester United consecutively standing ahead on them with a point.

Tottenham’s last match with the Foxes ended in a 5-4 score line, with Spurs baging the victory. But change as a constant factor has occurred and things are not gonna be the same.

High hopes from the fans and Tottenham will have to train harder and in pitch; work harder to make sure that they didn’t just made an empty promise.