Tuchel Has No Right To Say That – USA National Team Manager Hits Back At Blues Boss Over Pulisic Comments

America National Team manager, Gregg Berhalter has hit back at Thomas Tuchel over his comments on Pulisic

Christian Pulisic missed lots of Chelsea action through injury he bagged while representing his national side.

With the American being a pivotal part of the both his club and national side, there seems to be a kind of disagreement between both managers.

Thomas Tuchel having received Pulisic back into the line up after such a long time on the sideline recovering, is being careful with his fitness state.

Christian Pulisic of Chelsea representing his country, America in a National Team match.

The German is sure not wanting Pulisic to be back on the injury bed just while still coming off, and this has led him sending a kind of cautious message to USA National team.

Tuchel in an interview has said he hopes Pulisic isn’t over-used during the international break and as such burn out when the breaks are over.

“I think you can see from the minutes he’s had, then the questions of whether he’s at his peak level are answered,” said in addition.

“It will take time with Christian because he’s been out for such a long time this season, but he is easing his way back in and is doing well.”

United States of America National Team Manager, Gregg Berhalter during a training.

On the other hand, America’s national team manager, Gregg Berhalter is a lover of the former Dortmund man who captains USA.

It’s no hidden thing that Gregg would probably throw him into the pitch cause of his influence on the game and that’s what Tuchel has tried to warn him of.

Well, in response, Gregg has claimed to know what and how to manage Pulisic so he doesn’t get injured again.

Speaking ahead of their game, Gregg said; “It was kind of strange to hear that that come from Tuchel because we use common sense.

Christian Pulisic training with his national side, America ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers.

“Tuchel clearly has no right to say some certain things and we can see that Pulisic has been training for four days, he’s not going to start tomorrow.”

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