UCL: Liverpool Players Wear Strange Training Device Ahead Of Real Madrid Match

The Reds are indeed on a quest to serve vengeance on Real Madrid as both sides set to lock horns for the UEFA Champions League final this weekend

Liverpool have taken their training sessions to the next level ahead of the UEFA Champions League final match against Real Madrid.

The English Giants lost their last final match against Real Madrid with Mohamed Salah leaving the pitch early through injury.

After beating Villarreal in the Quarter Final stage, Liverpool advanced into the final to face Real Madrid who ushered out Manchester City.

Ahead of the match this Saturday, Liverpool have pushed further to train the squad with their strange training device; the Neuro 11 Brain transmitter.

Reds beckoned on the services of ‘German neuroscientist Dr Niklas Hausler and his business partner Patrick Hantschke, who are the brains behind a company, neuro11.

The Neuro 11 Brain Sensor is a device that records the Brain activity while the players are training.

Trent Alexander Arnold and Mohamed Salah including other teammates were pictured wearing the device while training on Wednesday.

Speaking on the Neuro 11, Liverpool manager said; “The neuro11 team has developed a highly innovative and fact-based mental strength training method that can be seamlessly integrated into our existing training program.

“We are now able to specifically train the mental and shot-precision abilities of our players directly on the pitch, in a way that wasn’t possible for us until now.

“Since mental strength plays such an important role at the highest level, we‘re excited about working together with these guys.“

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