UCL Press Conference: Tuchel Sends Official Message To Chelsea New Owners, Responds To Benzema, Discloses Christensen Future And Many More

UCL Press Conference: Tuchel Sends Official Message To Chelsea New Owners, Responds To Benzema, Discloses Christensen Future And Many More

The German has finally made a clear comment about the new owners who are yet to be determined

Chelsea are sure no longer an asset of Roman Abramovich after the government sanctioned the Russian Billionaire amid links to the ongoing Russia Crises.

Abramovic is said to be a major part of the crises and as such is sanctioned across the UK and his properties ceased.

This has seen Chelsea faced with several restrictions while new owners bid for takeover.

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Thomas Tuchel who has been greatly applauded in the recent past for his ability in holding things together at Stamford Bridge has finally left a statement for the prospect new owners.

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Including Tuchel, it’s yet to be discovered by anyone of who the new owners would be as it’s an ongoing bid war by several interested parties.

But during an interview today ahead of the Real Madrid game, Thomas Tuchel was questioned on the things he demand from the incoming new owners.

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“A strong squad, confidence and support,” Thomas Tuchel responded.

In addition, the German who just got divorced by his wife continued saying of the game tomorrow; “We need it (better Stamford Bridge atmosphere) and we need to be better on the pitch.

“We’re the first to admit it. But we need the crowd to be better. We need everybody on the front foot.”

Asked if he perceives Real Madrid same way as he did last season, Tuchel added; “I think it has nothing to do with last season’s game. Honestly. I did not look at it in the preparation. We did not look at last year’s matches. That maybe answers the question.

“For us, there is not a point to prove again or whatever. We are out there to bounce back from Saturday’s performance.”

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Speaking on Karim Benzema, Tuchel continued; “I said two years ago that he was one of the most underrated players in world football, he is not anymore.

“For sure, he is a standout player and personality. But at this moment, it’s unfair to Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Casemiro, all the players who’ve carried the team so successfully over the years.”

Thomas Tuchel on Carlo Ancelotti potentially missing game:

“I’m pretty sure he can be the team talk and be in charge of players. But it’s always nicer to be there and have direct influence.

“As coaches, we like to be in the middle of the group and communicate with a smile, words. I hope he still makes it. I have the information he will try to arrive in the evening tomorrow.”

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The Blues will be hoping to bounce of their weekend loss against Brentford and produce a stunning display when they face Real Madrid tomorrow.

Thomas Tuchel has emerged to be one of the many who believes this can be possible despite how huge the loss was.

Reacting to the weekend loss, Tuchel said; “We had a day off which was maybe important to digest it. We talked about it but no special team talk. We spoke openly about it in a debrief which is normal.

“We set new targets which is normal in sports. We did not like what happened, it was very untypical for us and consider it the exception to the rule.

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“We were open to ourselves and allowed ourselves to focus on the match tomorrow because it’s what is needed.”

Thomas Tuchel on Andreas Christensen who is currently linked to an almost completed move to Barcelona:

“No concerns [focus]. Maybe it is a bit more challenging for him. Maybe he cleared his future, I don’t know yet. The bottom line is, as long as you are my player you are 100% committed, nothing less.

“It feels terribly hard all of the time. It’s the competition. Step by step, there is no other way. It’s challenging and demanding for us, but it’s what we love. We can deal with it, this is what we choose. It’s nice to deal with it and have these experiences.

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“The situation of the club is pretty sure. I think he is exactly at the moment, in the right place, that he should his journey with our club to become the defender he can be, the real personality and figure he wants to be.

“He should not forget where he came from. It’s just my opinion. The talks in summer were constant. I hope my talks didn’t make him want to leave, but I don’t think so. You cannot take this personal.

“If he decides to leave, it’s his decision. Until he is our player, he is our player. He needs to be fully, fully committed. You have to ask him, his reasons for the decision.