UEFA Champions League 2021/2022 Group Stages Pots; Who Will Chelsea Likely Face

Chelsea would be up for tougher competition come next season as teams in opposite pot are revealed

The West Londoners have already known teams they are likely to face in their group stages come next season.

Chelsea saw a blurry season (under Frank Lampard) turn colorful and clear after appointing Thomas Tuchel as manager.

The German who led the side to their second UCL trophy knows he would be facing tougher competition next season, not only in chasing for more trophies but also defending the current UCL in their possession.

UEFA Champions League 2021/2022 Group Stages Pots; Who Will Chelsea Likely Face 1

Find out new targets the former PSG Boss has set for Chelsea ahead of the new season.

Chelsea winning the UEFA Champions League final against Manchester City helped them avert some strong teams but yet they have chances of facing stronger sides and only then can we know if truly Tuchel has fulfilled his promise of building a team no one would want to play against.

Although we already seen a bit of that as Chelsea won Manchester City for the third consecutive times in the little time Tuchel has been in charge.

Below are Pots and the teams in each as they would be grouped against each other.

Pot 1:

Atletico Madrid
Manchester City
Inter Milan
Bayern Munich
Sporting CP

Pot 2:

Real Madrid
Paris Saint-Germain
Manchester United
Borussia Dortmund

Two more pots; 3 & 4 will be seeded soon after the qualifying rounds are completed.

The draw for the group stages will then take place by the ending of August as the new season sets to kickstart on September.

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