UK Forced Into Rethink After Roman Abramovich Statement Over £2.5B Debt Chelsea Owe Him

UK Forced Into Rethink After Roman Abramovich Statement Over £2.5B Debt Chelsea Owe Him

Abramovich is forced to let go of his much cherished asset, the Chelsea Football Club which has seen so much success since he acquired it

Chelsea would soon become an asset of another Billionaire after Roman Abramovich agreed to sell it off amid the ongoing crises between his home country, Russia and Ukraine.

Due to beliefs that the Russian Billionaire is one of the funding forces behind the current president of Russia, UK are pushing to sanction him in the country.

It’s stated that should the sanction be served, Abramovich won’t be able to sell Chelsea anymore as it would all be taken over by the government, including his properties.

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Even his houses are already up for sale as he is pushing to avoid sanctioning but rather return to his country.

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But selling the club won’t be an easy task as he has already turned down a £2B offer from a Swiss Billionaire because he is expecting to get around £4B from the sale.

With his hands tied in this case, Abramovich has currently proven not to be a greedy personnel who acquired Chelsea for the money.

Instead, he has acquired the club for the love of the game as he recently made a strong statement regarding a huge amount the club owes him.

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“I won’t be asking for loans to be repaid. This has never been about money, but about pure passion,” Roman Abramovich said when asked about the Chelsea loan.

The Blues squad on their own are already in a lot of worries with the ongoing update, going last night to concede twice against Luton but managed to come from behind to produce a 3-2 stunner.