Unai Emery Sends Message To Arsenal After Villarreal beat Manchester United in Europa League final

Former Arsenal Boss, Unai Emery have won the Europa League trophy again for a record fourth time having gotten to the finals 5 times with Arsenal being his only blemish.

The Spainiard led Villarreal to victory over Manchester United in the Europa League final after an interesting penalty shootout.

However, Emery has lauded Arsenal for playing a key role in his journey to win the Europa League with Villarreal.

Unai Emery knocked out Arsenal, his former club in the semi-finals but the Spaniard believes that his woes at Arsenal aided his development as a coach.

Unai Emery Sends Message To Arsenal After Villarreal beat Manchester United in Europa League final

‘I believe it’s not a sporting revenge at all,’ Emery said after Villarreal’s win over United.

‘I try to enjoy every moment, winning and losing. I try to create new circumstances, so everywhere I have been, even in England at Arsenal, I have learnt a lot, met many people, other cultures and football.

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‘At the end of that story was professional frustration, but some other doors opened then. ‘Winning today is a satisfaction, but for my club today, as it was when I was at Sevilla.

‘When I was at Arsenal, we played a Europa League final and could not win but it is a process, from that game I learnt a lot to win this one maybe.’

When Quizzed if he had any doubts after his sacking at Arsenal, Emery replied: ‘Doubts are something you can go through in your professional career.

You can have doubts but then you find responses. ‘I doubt the eleven I’m going to put on the pitch, I doubt about the changes I should do during the game, how I’m going to plan a training session.

But with this doubt I ask myself questions and then I check the responses. ‘I’m enjoying my career because I like football, I like to work in the football world, I like that feeling of being in a club and everywhere.

I’ve been I’ve defended my colours with much pride and respecting everyone.

‘My idea is to bring with me my experiences, sometimes I manage to do it, sometimes not, but mainly I enjoy my work as a coach.

I enjoy being with my team, my staff. I’m the visible one but there are many people behind me who bring a lot and give a lot.

It was the same at Arsenal, Sevilla, Paris Saint-Germain, and it’s the same here.’ He added.

This is Villareal’s first major Trophy in the club’s history.

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