Video: Jorginho Wins Skill Of The Day After Brilliantly Deleting Thorgan Hazard

The Chelsea man continues his impress run as he bags skill of the day against Belgium

Jorginho’s brilliant ball control skill just won him the Euro Quarter finals skill of the day as Italy advanced past Belgium in a 2-1 score.

The Italians aren’t looking ready to stop any time soon as they move closer to Euro glory following a fine finish against Belgium.

While the team impressed as a whole, Jorginho’s individual efforts couldn’t be over looked as he gets picked as the most skillful for the day.

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On receiving the ball and with Thorgan Hazard already edged closer to him, Jorginho brilliantly drew the ball backwards and then quickly drove into the opposite open direction to create space for a pass.

This skill is one to have been thought of so quickly as other midfielders could have easily lost the ball at this point, but Jorginho’s mentality helped him overcome the pressure.

See video below.

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