Video: Lovely Moment Manchester United Players Ran To Hug Ronaldo In Southampton Victory

Manchester United players displayed a gesture contrary to what the media have been portraying about the team as they smashed on a win train this weekend

The Red Devils produced a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Ralph Hasenhüttl’s men on Sunday with Ronaldo later coming on in the second half.

Taking the lead from a superb striker by Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United players ran towards Ronaldo and Casemiro to celebrate their goal.

The team were seen hugging the Portuguese alongside their latest acquaintance, Casemiro.

This gestures unity within the squad and that the team holds great respect for players in the ranks of Ronaldo, Casemiro and Varane who have achieved what they wish to achieve in years time.

Indeed this is contrary to what the media put out about the team as Cristiano Ronaldo is painted as a black goat who only wants to leave the team and not help the process.

See the video below.

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