Video: Mason Mount Finally Removes His Wisdom Tooth While On International Break

The Midfielder who could miss out national duties has had his wisdom tooth removed

Mason Mount had struggled with pains on his tooth as such required medical attention and a surgery scheduled to be few hours ago.

The youth completed the surgery with ease with the help of anaesthetic which he shared a clip on social media where he was still under the effect of the drug.

While joking with his parents in the car, Mount said, “If you punch me here, I wouldn’t feel a thing.”

Mason Mount during Chelsea 1-1 draw against Burnley.

The injury may be reason for Mount’s reduced game time under Thomas Tuchel lately as he got less than usual time to play for Chelsea.

The 22-year-old while in the car with his parents started off by paying tributes to the doctors who helped with the surgery as he said;

“They’re G.O.A.T.S, they’re the G.O.A.T.S,” Mount started while struggling to pronounce the phrase after he admitted, “I can’t feel my face.”

“I feel like… I feel as good as ever. I still look as good as ever,” Mount continued when asked what he feels he looks like at the moment.

“If I got punched in the face right now I wouldn’t even feel it’, before claiming he is ‘half human half great white… by the size of these gnashers’ after being handed the removed wisdom teeth.

The English star will definitely need some time to fully recover and that will also mean missing out England’s game against Albania.

Indeed that will come as a bad news for Southgate who holds Mount at a high value as the FA also disclosed to be closely monitoring Mount’s recovery process hoping for his return soonest.

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