Breaking News: We Are Unable To Raise A Case Against Roman Abramovich – British Government

Abramovich: We Are Unable To Raise A Case Against Roman Abramovich - British Government

Roman Abramovich will gladly retain Chelsea if of a truth he can’t be sanctioned as the moves he is making is just to prevent any bad news

According to a reporter from The Times, Chelsea Owner, Roman Abramovich alongside other Oligarchs in the United Kingdom may not be sanctioned as the news report everyday.

News of possible buyers are already hitting the roof as the day go by, suggesting Abramovich has no other option than to let go of the club prior any sanctions.

The Russian Billionaire who acquired the club years back has managed to see them through so many successes and selling the club now is something he won’t be doing with a clear eye.

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Not just Chelsea is under threat should the Oligarchs should be sanctioned but also Everton as the clubs are under pressure of been sold off by their current owners.

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Officials from the Department for Culture and Media and Sports have already raised concerns on the future of both clubs should the owners be forced to sell into the wrong hands.

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An owner like Roman Abramovich who has proven to own the club for the love of the game majorly and not for the profit from the game would be a major subtraction if he finally sells the club.

Following a strong update from Steven Swinford of The Times Media group, sanctioning the 55-year-old may actually take weeks to months if even ever it will happen as this isn’t the first time such attempt has been made.

Reason being the Foreign Office and National Crime Agency are yet to even establish any meaningful slight evidence against the Billionaire not even to talk of concrete ones that would warrant him been slapped the sanction bell.

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Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary who is pushing to sanction Abramovich and other oligarchs has been left heavily disappointed after learning the Government has been unable to raise any case against her targets.


    • Please may God guide him and the govt of UK. We need Mr Roman to continue guiding Chelsea to higher heights not forgetting Everton.

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  1. God pls help mr roman abramovic nt to sell chelsea we love him he has soffer a lot for the club God is with u sir.

  2. Roman Abramovic must stay for the betterment of the crub, they should allow hime to stay. All the chelsea fans cherish him so much

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