Willy Caballero Discloses Difference Between Lampard And Thomas Tuchel

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The Argentine has remained unused since the arrival of the former PSG manager but remains assured game time is by the corner

Willy Caballero used to be one of Manchester City’s best choice before falling out of favor and then made a switch to Stamford Bridge.

Prior to Thomas Tuchel‘s arrival, the 39-year-old at some times do get time to be between the sticks for Chelsea but things haven’t been the same since the former PSG manager arrived.

Caballero is keen on remaining with Chelsea despite the lack of playtime has taken out time to discuss on a huge difference he noticed between his former manager and present.

Willy Caballero Discloses Difference Between Lampard And Thomas Tuchel

Speaking about the both managers and how they share unique ideas towards football, Willy said;

“With Lampard, we had a more direct idea of the game, basically English football.

“To attack fast, on the wings, move centrally or on one side and finish on the other but with a bit of verticality.

“The football he liked was dizzying, with quick movements of the ball,” he added.

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Unlike the Blues damming state before Tuchel’s arrival, Chelsea have taken a shocking turn into winning ways, securing a 14-game unbeaten streak.

Chelsea are indeed a better side under Tuchel as they are also over into the UEFA Champions League Quarter finals and booked a place against Willy Caballero’s former side in the FA Cup.

Willy went on to tell on how Tuchel has been different from Lampard saying; “Now with Tuchel, it’s more about combining, playing with the ball.

“We create more. He almost tells us how the match will develop, where the opponent’s key aspects are, their strengths & their weaknesses.

“With his ideas, from how he has achieved his teams to play well.

“He says to us what players we would need to be more involved in order to play brighter and follow his plan.

Willy Caballero Discloses Difference Between Lampard And Thomas Tuchel 1

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the idea of playing (is there).”

Chelsea will take on West Bromwich Albion when the Premier League resumes on April 3rd.

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