WWE Legend, Ric Flair Leaves ‘Come Back?’ Question In The Minds Of Fans With Recent Video

Ric Flair has with one of his most recent posts on Twitter sparked off thoughts he could be returning to WWE

The 73-year-old WWE Hall of Fame has dropped a video on Twitter account that could only be suggesting a come back into the industry.

Ric Flair ever since losing to Sting back in 2011 TNA match has not been in the ring for a fight.

It’s clear that he has been in the company but without fights as it was confirmed by he finally left WWE last year August.

In a video he posted on his Twitter account, the former WWE Champion was seen in a ring in the video with Lethal Jay.

Despite being one of the finest Wrestlers to grace our generation, Ric Flair is sure a doubt to return to WWE at his age.

Coupled with the fact he had health issues and with his life he battled, great he is till with us.

In the video, it could be spotted that indeed old age has affected one of the most entertaining WWE athletes, Flair.

See video below.