Xavi Admits Barca And Lahoz Are To Blame For Dramatic Draw At Catalan Derby.

Following his dramatic exit from the World Cup, Lahoz is facing yet another round of criticism from erstwhile Admirer Xavi.

Xavi, who was full of praise for referee Mateu Lahoz before Barcelona’s match against Espanyol, has changed his tune following Saturday’s 1-1 draw. He did not appreciate how the referee handled the game, which was identical to Messi’s complaint at the Qatar World Cup.

Following his performance as a referee at the Qatar World Cup in the match between Argentina and the Netherlands, he was forced to withdraw from the competition. He is once again chastised for not being in control of his games and giving out cards chaotically.

After dishing out yellow cards for fun in a wild game, Lahoz couldn’t help but steal the show at the Camp Nou, and Xavi made it clear what he thought of the match official after the win. During the derby, the referee issued 14 yellow cards and two red cards.

Xavi couldn’t keep his feelings about the referee’s performance in the derby to himself. He made it plain that the referee had no control over the game, prompting him to flash his card at the slightest provocation. He said:

“The game got away from him today. He was giving out cards without any reason and lost control of the match, But it’s not his fault we drew, it’s our fault we dropped points. I told him that he had lost control of the game and he answered me Do you think?”

“But we keep coming back to the referee and I can’t control the officials. They should come out and speak, explain their decisions and say what they said to the players. I can’t do anything.” he added.

Xavi not only blamed the draw on the referee’s performance, but also confessed that his team, not just Lahoz, was to blame for the outcome.

Xavi was of the opinion that they had so many chances and got forward so many times but were not clinical with their chances, which he cannot blame solely on Lahoz’s performance but also on his team’s lack of poise. He said:

“We had an excellent first 30 minutes, but we didn’t know how to kill the game off. In the second half, we weren’t at the rhythm or intensity required.

“We end the year top of the league with Real Madrid, but it’s two points dropped today and it’s our fault,” he added

Barcelona remains on top of the table, but their two-point lead over Real Madrid has been lost. It was nice for the fans to see the team back in action after the World Cup but the outcome was obviously disappointing for the Catalans.

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